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Horriblyright is the Dyad of the Arts

The origin of Horriblyright began from the rekindling of Jaime Ileana’s passion for playing in a rock band. She grew up immersed in music, but her drive to pursue her dream was at a halt. But now, it was time to cleanse the dust from her pens.

In the summer of 2014, she asked a long-time friend, who played guitar, to join her. He agreed, and they found some success in writing a few songs.

The next task was to create a name for her new band. Around the time of trying to conceptualize a name, a person made a comment about Jaime Ileana, describing her as a terrible person, but in a good way. She corrected his ignorance and proclaimed, “No, I am horribly right.” 

hor-ri-bly; adv. Conducive to constructing intense fear and/or pain through methods of horror.

right; adj. Morally justified.

Jaime Ileana’s reply became the perfect description for the entity of her future.

After the name was established, she began her search for more musicians. Jaime Ileana created an advertisement for a drummer on the internet. At the time, Steven Riccio was playing bass guitar in a band who rehearsed only a few miles from Jaime Ileana’s residence in Connecticut.

Riccio was an experienced guitarist, and he felt like he was not progressing in his current musical situation. He wanted to challenge himself with excellence after receiving a diagnosis for MS in 2013. He combined his love for music and his desire for more physicality by becoming a versed percussionist. He sought out opportunities and came across Jaime Ileana’s online advertisement.

Jaime Ileana gave Riccio a few songs to become familiar with. His audition was set for September 7th, 2014. Day 1 of the rest of our lives.

As soon as Riccio stepped down into Jaime Ileana’s basement, there was an instant, undeniable chemistry between them. He exceeded her expectations, and he was voted in the band.

Horribly Right continued to build their lineup by adding another guitarist. Everything was coming together. We just needed a bass player to have our full band.

Before we could find a bass player, Jaime Ileana’s longtime friend decided to leave the band. He voiced that he was not content with Riccio’s ability. Jaime Ileana ultimately had to choose between him or Riccio.

It was a difficult choice for her to make. It seemed absurd to choose someone who she just met, over a longtime friend. But, she could foresee the longevity of the partnership between herself and Riccio. Her decision became clear; Riccio.

The three remaining musicians continued to write and perform music for a few more months. The last guitarist’s personality continued to clash with Jaime Ileana and Riccio. They decided to part ways with the guitarist. All that remained was the two of us. 

We reevaluated the future of Horribly Right. We knew we had much more to say, and we were going to say it. Riccio mentioned that he would like to play guitar. Jaime Ileana was hesitant at first, but was intrigued by the potential. 

We decided to write acoustic songs together. We self-produced an acoustic EP, called Affliction, on December 11th, 2015. It consisted of 4 songs called, “No Time for Tomorrow,” “Temptation,” “Affliction,” and “Vile.” These four songs became the foundation for which our sound would be built upon. 

Our passion lied in something bigger than an unplugged voice and an acoustic guitar. We transitioned back into a full band and acquired a new drummer.

Right before we had enough songs to start recording, another fallout materialized with the drummer. Again, we were faced with re-evaluating our future. 

We accepted that we were the heart of Horribly Right and would continue no matter what.

On January 4th, 2018, we changed our name from Horribly Right to Horriblyright.

Horriblyright self-produced our debut album, Conjure the Cure, on April 26th, 2018. Our first single, "Human," perfectly showcases the dynamic potential of Horriblyright. Its vulnerable interlude and vein bursting conclusion enthralls every listener.

After the release of Conjure the Cure, Jaime Ileana and Riccio hired professional musicians to assist in the performances of the new album. Ultimately, the desire was to find permanent members. Unfortunately, we did not find success, but we discovered a valuable concept. With two members, we were no longer just a band. We were “the dyad of the arts.”

In our sophomore single, “Affliction,” we strip down to our origin in a heartsick acoustic arrangement. It blossoms into a powerful ballad, overflowing with the stages of grief. 

Horriblyright tells the tale of the greatest relationship struggle in our third single, "Glitty-up". It chronicles a woman’s obsession with glitter and her acknowledgement of her beau’s utter distain for the prismatic matter. This upbeat anthem will be infectious to the listeners as it blasts through the speakers.

In the Winter of 2019, Horriblyright writes their follow-up to Conjure the Cure, expected for release in 2020.

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Jaime Ileana

The Voice


Steven Riccio

The Orchestrator

Steven Riccio - Balaguer Guitars.png


April 3rd, 2019 | “Affliction” Music Video

August 10th, 2018 | “Human” Music Video

April 26th, 2018 | Conjure the Cure

December 11th, 2015 | Affliction EP

April 12th, 2015 | First Performance

September 7th, 2014 | First Rehearsal

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