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Jaime Ileana Sargent


Steven Riccio


Horriblyright is a female fronted rock band from New York, NY. It began as a musical passion for founders Jaime Ileana Sargent and Steven Riccio. Sargent's alluring voice and Riccio's mechanical writing seamlessly birthed the distinctive sound of Horriblyright.

After fifteen long months of writing and recording, Horriblyright produced their debut album, Conjure the Cure. Their first single, "Human," perfectly showcases the dynamic potential of Horriblyright. Its vulnerable interlude and vein bursting conclusion will shock every new listener.

Jaime's passion for music didn't end with sound. A dream from her youth was to enhance the realms of fashion with her lacing techniques and distinctive style. In 2018, she achieved her dream by taking her vision to Steven, and together, started the fashion line with a sound, Horriblyright.

Horriblyright is endorsed by Kirk Hammett's (Metallica) co-owned company, KHDK Electronics.